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The GeoSensor for natural hazards. Unique, compact, agile, communicative and enduring.

AarteLink® GeoSensor

Sensor types

High-resolution position measurement along 3 axes, acceleration along 3 axes, 15 mg to 24 g.
Optional: Various Meteo sensors, double ripcord, teletensometer, Geosensor as geophone

Radio (868 MHz)

Transmits up to several km from the gateway

Power supply

Primary battery, autonomy 10 years

Unit size

D=68mm, H=63mm

Integration Components

Gateway, screen, interfaces for alarm and operations centres. Directly via voice call, AlarmUnit, traffic lights, sirens.

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Radio unit can be removed, via RS-485 and with DC feed


Alternatively with GSM or GSM-R modem

LAN connection

Optionally separable LAN adapter, via RS-485

Power supply

With solar panel or 10…60 V DC. Autonomy with integrated battery pack.

AC feed 230 V with separate feed unit.

Unit size

B=250mm, H=400mm, T=120mm

AarteLink® Monitor


Web-based system, separate text message server

Alarm reception

Well-structured alarm display, alarm forwarding with email and text message


By periodic life signs of the GeoSensors


From the gateway and GeoSensors (remote)

Mobile (mobiles, smartphones, tablet)

Alarm reception, monitoring

Simple presentation of status messages and alarms by text message.

Interface with operations centres

Alarm reception, monitoring, configuration

AarteLink® can be easily integrated into existing operations centres via different interfaces.

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