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The GeoSensors in operation. Two selected examples.

Avalanche monitoring and alert

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Municipality Isenthal
Canton Uri

Avalanche detection, avalanche alerts

In the hazard area of Sättelital (municipality Isenthal), AarteLink® was taken into operation for avalanche alarm raising in 2017. The alarm system warns traffic and pedestrians at the cantonal road visually with traffic lights and acoustically with a horn.

With state-of-the-art technology using Geosensors and radio technology, events such as rope tear-out, position changes, vibrations and deflections are detected via a pendulum procedure.

The signal and the alert are transmitted directly to the local alarm unit. The AarteLink® gateway sends text messages and emails to defined persons with further information.

AarteLink® and additional components

Several sensors (pendulum sensor, rope tear-out, vibration sensor) with automated alarm and traffic light or siren control.
AarteLink® gateway to email, text message.

“The Aartesys solution is the only one to meet all criteria that we pose to the early warning system and operation. After strong snow fall, several avalanches were detected and the canton road was blocked by a traffic light at once. This was able to prevent worse consequences.” Hans-Jörg Geisser, responsible project manager, Monitron AG

Viktor Altwegg

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Scheme of an example application (avalanche alert)

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Alarm in case of mudslide and rockslide

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SBB route Bern-Freiburg
Flamatt (across 3 km)

Canton Freiburg, Canton Bern

Mudslide and rockslide. Detection and alarms.

Gravitational natural hazards are an important topic for SBB. Landslides, rockfalls, debris flows and avalanches can not only paralyze tracks for long periods of time, but also pose a danger to life.

In order to safely transport passengers from A to B through zones with an increased risk, the so-called complete shoring system, for example a tunnel, was previously an option.

But this is not always possible and, above all, usually very expensive. In close cooperation with Aartesys, SBB has now found a cost-effective solution to minimise the risks: AarteLink®. The aim of AarteLink® in this application is to stop trains in good time so that they do not hit a natural hazard event and derail.

AarteLink® and additional components

Changes of position, for example of safety nets or support pillars, as well as vibrations are reported. Also the recording of events by means of a rip cord. Sensors supply the data to the control centre (ZKE train control unit). They could also be directed to the signal box, the locomotive or to a specialist’s smartphone.

Viktor Altwegg

M 079 669 98 86
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Open the chart for mudslide and rockslide detection

Scheme of an example application (railway environment)

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